In most cases, yes, you can keep your current number.  We recommend using our 'Keep Your Number' tool to verify the number can be transferred to magicJack Wireless.  Once confirmed, you will have the option to 'Transfer My Number' during the activation of your magicJack Wireless service.

To transfer your number you will need the following information:

  • Your account number from your current carrier, this is located on your billing statement or by logging into your account
  • The password to the account, could be called pass code or PIN number
  • The billing address on the account

During activation, simply select the 'Transfer My Number'.  Important - once you have activated a line of service, you will no longer have the option to transfer your number to that line, it must be done during activation.

Number transfer (porting) typically happens within a day but could take as much as 48 hours for a mobile number and up to 5 business days for a landline number.

If you have questions about the status of your transfer, please login to your account at and select the Activation/Transfer Requests link for updates.

There is no fee to transfer your number to magicJack Wireless