To determine how much data you need we recommend you check your current usage with your current provider for the last several months or the below chart highlights general guidelines for common usage:


What Your Data Gets You
Usage1 GB3GB6GB
App Calling3,000 Minutes9,000 Minutes18,000 Minutes
Web Surfing44 Hours132 Hours264 Hours
Video Streaming68 Hours204 Hours408 Hours
Music Streaming256 Songs768 Songs1,536 Songs
Facebook51 Hours153 Hours306 Hours
Email/Whatsapp34,133 Messages102,399 Messages204,798 Messages

Note: Data usage varies by device and connection to cellular or WiFi.  The above examples are estimates only.

Additional information related to Data Usage Levels, restrictions and limitations can be found in Section 8.6 of the Terms of Service and in the Acceptable Use Policy.